Heals ingrown nails Prepare it in 5 minutes and suffer no more!

If you have ever had to go through this cumbersome situation, you will understand that ingrown nails are one of the most unpleasant pains that can exist in the world. Some cases are so serious that people can hardly walk and carry out their routine naturally, so in this article we will explain some methods to get rid of them and prevent their appearance.

Heals ingrown nails Prepare it in 5 minutes and suffer no more!
In general, ingrown toenails tend to occur on the big toe and the thicker and more embedded they are, the worse the pain that the person will have to go through. One of the ways to prevent this unforeseen event is to always cut them straight (never curved). In the worst case, minor surgery may be done to dig up the finger nail.

What are the remedies for an ingrown toenail?
Among the most recognized natural remedies we can mention: the foot bath, the application of tea tree oil, the application of stale bacon and the least known of all, tobacco. The good thing about all these methods is that you can do them from home and that they do not represent a major economic investment.

How to perform these methods?
In the case of the foot bath, salt and boiled water should be used. After it is warm enough, they put their feet in for 10 to 15 minutes and let them rest. There is an alternative version of this method that includes chamomile, which is ideal as an anti-inflammatory.

With regard to tea tree oil, you should apply a few drops to the affected area. Thanks to its antibiotic properties, this will help to correct the ailment. In the rare case of aged bacon, the piece of meat should be placed on the affected finger for a few minutes.

Finally, with regard to the application of tobacco in the cure of ingrown nails, it can be done in the following way: remove all the content of several cigarettes and put it to boil. Then, with the help of a soaked cotton ball, apply to the affected area. At the end, you should put a little bit of tobacco on the finger and cover it with a bandage.

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