A single spoon in the morning loosens all the Seven Day poop in three hours and cleanses the colon leaving it empty

The body is made up of a large number of parts that we know as organs and these join together to make a mechanism that is responsible for us every day to be able to carry out all the activities corresponding to our routine.

All organs are important, that is, they fulfill important functions, however, some more than others are usually much more necessary in terms of some processes of the body, their functions are more essential.

Among all these organs there is one in particular that can be affected by different problems and one of those problems is constipation and this is a very terrible problem that although it does not seem to be very serious it can be.

Today we will be giving you a recipe which you can use to deal with your constipation problems and we are totally sure that your health as well as that of your colon will improve and you will feel much better. Keep reading this post and find out the details.

Goodbye constipation with a spoon of this – it will leave your colon clean

Constipation affects many people today and this can be caused by various factors, however one of the most common is that the consumption of food is not the most appropriate, the diet does not include the correct foods and therefore this affects the colon .

As you surely know, the colon is the organ that is responsible for collecting waste from the body, accumulates them and turns them into feces so that they are later expelled, however when we have constipation they accumulate more and more causing health problems in our body.

To prevent this from happening what you can do is the recipe below


150 grams of dates, pitted
150 grams of prunes
5 cups of boiled water

Preparation and consumption

For this preparation we must start by heating the water until it reaches the boiling point and after this happens, the dates will be added little by little in pieces, as well as the raisins and we will let it cook for at least 15 more minutes after the water comes to a boil. and we will put out the fire.

By doing this, our remedy will be ready and what you have to do is drink a teaspoon on an empty stomach every day at least half an hour before breakfast and this will make you say goodbye to constipation.

Try this natural laxative and we are sure you will love it.

Thanks for reading us.

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