Why do pillows turn yellow and how to wash them

In today’s article we will tell you why pillows turn yellow and how to wash them to make them look like new! Discover this homemade formula!

The radiant white color of the pillows changes its hue over time. After a few months or years they may appear yellowish. This hue gives them an old, dingy and unpleasant look.

Why do pillows change their color?

Simply because the sweat that emanates from our skin is permeating the fabric of the pillow and little by little it «dyes» them with this color. In addition, although it may seem unpleasant to you, at night, when sleeping, people secrete saliva, which also ends up in our precious pillow.

All this forms an ideal breeding ground for the proliferation of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms harmful to health. They can cause respiratory problems and even skin problems, due to infection. For that reason it is convenient to clean them periodically.

How can we sanitize our pillows?

What we share with you below is a secret, probably the one you were waiting for so much! Pay attention: this is all you will need:

1 cup of laundry detergent
1 cup biodegradable dishwasher detergent
1 cup of household bleach (*)
1/2 cup borax
Hot water

(*) You can make this bleach from home by mixing 3 liters of water well with 125 ml of pure lemon juice and 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide.
Preparation mode

Make sure your pillow is machine washable. If so, remove the cover and run it on a hot water cycle and 2 rinse cycles. Add all the ingredients mentioned above and run the washing machine until it is done doing its job.

If the climate is suitable, it will be ideal to hang the pillows in the sun, to finish the drying process.

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