Using a lemon in this way to lift sagging breasts, which has become a nuisance as sagging breasts appear based on age. However, the breasts and buttocks are the most affected areas. This makes women not want to look in the mirror, since they produce a negative emotion when they see that their body has changed negatively.

The protagonists of this treatment are fenugreek or Olhava seeds, which are excellent for achieving the goal of lifting sagging breasts and buttocks. In addition, they have other excellent properties that we will mention.

Benefits of lemon for the body:
Cure infectious skin diseases;
Promotes weight loss;
Contains antioxidants;
Improves digestion
Control diabetes;
Reduce cholesterol levels;
Increases the size of the buttocks and breasts.
Homemade recipe to lift sagging breasts:


2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds;
½ tablespoon of honey;
½ tablespoon of lemon juice;
1 cup of water.

Preparation method:

The first thing to do is crush the fenugreek seeds. Then boil the glass of water for 5 minutes and turn off the heat;
At that time you must add the crushed seeds and let it rest for 15 minutes;
Then strain the preparation, pour the water into a glass and add the lemon juice and honey;
You must take this infusion every morning fasting half an hour before breakfast;
Drink as long as you want, until you get the results you are looking for.

This delicious infusion will firm your body, putting everything in its place. In the same way, we remember that you must improve your diet and exercise so that the results are more lasting.

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